Pole Vault Training in San Diego, CA

Pole Vault Coaching, Lessons, & Training

Pole Vault training, lessons, and coaching are available at UpTop Vault Training Center located in San Diego, CA at 9049 Gainsborough Ave.  UpTop Vault is centrally located in Rancho Penasquitos 2 miles west of Interstate 15 and 1 mile north of State Route 56.

UpTop Vault serves all ability levels from beginners to advanced, adolescent to adult. Pole vault coaching and lessons are private unless otherwise stated.  Safety is emphasized and practiced at all times.

Pole vault training, lessons, and coaching follow a progressive skills program incorporating a large, deep sand pit, gymnastics apparatus, and a full sized vault landing pit.  Pole inventory include 25 Spirt poles all less than 3 years old. 70′ of MONDO runway provides ample room for short approach drills and vaults.  Video analysis is used extensively.

Full Service Facility

Pole Vault training requires athletic skill development in several key areas: running with the pole, gymnastics, strength development, and dynamic spacial awareness i.e. being upside down!  UpTop Vault has everything one needs to develop these important skills all in one place.  On site you will find three horizontal bars, rings, rope, a pole sling,  28 inch vault table, Swing-Up Rack, and many other innovations specifically for vaulting.

Additionally, UpTop Vault has strength training equipment including Olympic barbells, medicine balls, core training equipment, and plyometric equipment.

More than just a facility, UpTop Vault owner and operator Stan Vegar brings enthusiasm, expertise, and fun to learning the pole vault or preparing for your upcoming season.