Instruction Format


Teaching Format

Mastery of skill objectives in three areas:  apparatus, sand pit, and vault pit.

Beginners:  Skill Acquisition 

       Apparatus – horizontal bars, rings and rope

Sand Pit –  plant drills basics

                       Vault Pit –  Short run straight pole plant and take off

Intermediate Level:  Skill Development on flexible pole

Technical development of beginning and advanced skills specifically related to vaulting on all apparatus.  Pole carry drills to develop consistant run-up acceleration.  Straight and flexible drills to develop  a) consistent  plant mechanics using active takeoff, b) swing to inversion, c) extension/turn and d) fly away from short and medium approach runs.

Additional emphisis:  General and specific weight training, core training, speed work and plyometrics.

Advanced Level

Analysis and coaching on a personal basis for HS vaulters in all phases of beginning and advanced drills on apparatus, sand pit and vault pit with emphasis on mastery of the complete vault over bars.  Video analysis, long term periodized training planning for strength, speed and gymnastics, goal setting and competition readiness extensively discussed.